African Buffalo Hunting

African Buffalo Hunting

The African Cape Buffalo is one of the most famous and most fearsome animals to hunt in Tanzania. It has a well-earned reputation as being one of the toughest, meanest, and strongest trophies to harvest on the entire continent of Africa.

They are a part of the Big Five which are the five most dangerous to hunt and successfully harvest animals to hunt while on safari. They are found in plentiful numbers in Tanzania. You may hunt a solitary animal or pursue groups of bachelor bulls that are known locally as “dagga boys.” Cape buffalo hunting is typically done by tracking fresh sign left behind by the animals. This tracking can lead through a variety of different terrains.

They range in size with males reaching lengths of 11 feet while females can stretch to 9 feet in length. A big bull can weigh in excess of a ton and they are capable of living up to 18 years in the wild.

Don’t let their peaceful image while feeding fool you. The Cape buffalo turns into a real menace when cornered, angry, or wounded. Therefore you want to make sure that you bring the appropriate amount of firepower to target this animal. You can get the job done with a .375 H&H, but a .416 Rigby is preferred by many professional hunters. Shots on Cape buffalo must sometimes be made through thick brush at ranges of up to 100 yards. When combined with the thick brown hide and durable build of the buffalo, the larger caliber .416 Rigby will give you a better chance at harvesting your trophy Cape buffalo.

Success rates are very high while hunting Cape buffalo in Africa and you are sure to remember the hunt for the rest of your life.

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