Characteristics of Hunting in Tanzania

With a surface equal to 945,090 square km-of which 28% are either reserves or national parks-Tanzania remains a favorite for big game hunters. This land is made up of unique combinations of both arid and marsh-like conditions, mountains reaching 3000 meters and coasts along the Indian Ocean. Hunters can dedicate themselves to their favorite past times within government concessions. In Tanzania, in fact, there are no closed off areas which require hiring a company to organize one’s safari.

Our mission consists in accompanying hunters in the areas that permit them to get the best trophies: From the Serengeti National Park (situated in the extreme northern part of the state)  to the Ruvuma region passing by Katavi National Park, The Njombe region and the Selous inhabited reserve. The hunting territory under our competence goes from 1300 to 4000 square km and is characterized by an elevated density of species able to be hunted. They include: buffalo, kafir, elephant, antilope, lion and leopard.

Every area has its own characteristics, from the vegetation to the type of local animals found there. For this reason, you must carefully consider what your hunting goals are. Knowing what kind of trophy you are looking for will help you to narrow down the ideal location and period for your hunt. For those interested in elephant or buffalo for example can choose to book a safari in the southern area of the state starting in September.  Those wanting to hunt antelope or gazelle should head to the northern part of Tanzania just a short distance to Kenya.

Hunting doesn’t mean just ferocious lions and gigantic elephants. Upon request a bird hunting expedition can also be arranged. There are numerous species that fly over this vast portion of Africa. Also in this case, depending on the area, it’s possible to find francolins, guinea fowl, geese, dove, pigeon and duck.

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