Crocodile Hunting

Crocodile Hunting

The prehistoric looking crocodile is one of the most unique and impressive trophies a hunter can harvest while on safari in Tanzania. This toothy reptile regularly reaches lengths of between 12-16 feet. However, some rare specimens can break the 20 foot length barrier. Those crocodiles are true monsters and incredible trophies. The crocodile often tips the scales at over 2,200 pounds with both males and females being capable of growing that large.

The hunting methods used to pursue crocodiles have been developed to take advantage of the reptile’s habits. As with all reptiles, the crocodile is cold-blooded and must use the sun to warm itself. This means that they will be found on the riverbanks during the day. This allows for hunters and guides to look for a crocodile that is of the legal length and is a worthy trophy of being shot by the hunter. An alternate method is to use bait suspended over the edge of the river and judging the animal when it emerges to investigate the bait.

A very precise and accurate shot is required when hunting crocodile. Hunters will want a flat shooting cartridge and soft-tipped, expanding bullets to make a clean kill on a croc. Something in the .300 caliber range is often suggested. A poorly placed shot can lead to the crocodile making it back into the water and being lost forever. Crocodiles do not float and attempting to recover the wounded animal would be extremely dangerous. The range of a shot on a crocodile can vary from a close shot of 40 yards up to a longer shot reaching 150 yards.

Crocodiles can live to 100 years old and sometimes develop the reputation of being man-eaters. Hunting this large reptile is a true test for any hunter.

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