Elephant Hunting

Elephant Hunting

The African elephant is one of the most iconic animals in all of Africa. Their massive size and loud, trumpeting call are well-known around the world. Although the hunting of these majestic creatures has been turned into something ugly by people who are uneducated in the areas of conservation, elephant hunting is one of the best forms of conservation to ensure the survival of the species in the wild moving forward.

Elephant hunting is offered by Stefano de Amicis Safaris Ltd. in both Tanzania and Zimbabwe. These hunts are very challenging. They require a team of expert hunters and trackers who have been learning how to successfully pursue elephants for years. Endurance and sacrifice are also necessary on an elephant hunts. There can sometimes be days and days of tracking and hiking before a shot on a trophy animal presents itself.

Bull elephants can grow to heights of up to 13 feet with the largest bulls weighing in at close to 14,000 pounds or 7 tons! They can also live for over 50 years in the wild depending on their diets.

Elephants have generally poor eyesight, but they make up for that with sharp hearing and an incredible sense of smell. They also have a high degree of intelligence and a marvelous memory. Achieving a successful elephant hunt is truly an accomplishment worth bragging about.

The smallest caliber that can be used to harvest an elephant is .375 H&H, but it is generally recommended that you use the highest caliber rifle that you can accurately and comfortably shoot. Ideal ammunition to use while elephant hunting are 400-500 grain, solid bullets. Shots will typically be fairly close range with a long shot measuring around 50 yards.

The elephant is the biggest land animal on the planet and offers one of the most incredible hunts that can be experienced anywhere.


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