Gerenuk Hunting

Gerenuk Hunting

The African gerenuk is a member of the antelope family and is found in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Somalia. They are also commonly known as Waller’s gazelle or the giraffe-necked antelope. The gerenuk has a very long neck that it uses to reach leaves on high branches while browsing for food.

This animal is usually found in dry areas. They have a very low need for water and generally get all the moisture that they need to survive from the vegetation that they consume. Humans are not the only hunter of the gerenuk. They are also a common prey animal for leopards, cheetahs, lions and jackals. The gerenuk uses great eyesight and hearing to spot predators, including hunters, from a long distance. This means that long range shots are common when hunting this animal.

A male gerenuk, the only gender of the species that grows horns, can weigh up to 100 pounds and stand approximately 3 feet tall at the shoulder. Any rifle capable of taking plains game in Africa will suffice for hunting gerenuk. This includes rifles in the .270-.300 caliber range. Due to the potential for long range shots, high-quality optics can be a gerenuk hunter’s best friend. Shot placement is also important while making a shot on a gerenuk. Their unusual body structure can confuse some hunters. Your hunting guide can help you to ensure you place your shot in a vital location on your target animal.

gerenuk hunting Tanzania
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