Grant Gazelle hunting

Grant Gazzelle hunting

Not to be confused with the similar looking Thomson’s gazelle, the Grant’s gazelle lacks the distinctive black stripe of the Thomson’s and have different looking horns. They are one of the fastest animals on the savannah and can easily reach speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour. That is quick enough to outrun just about every predator that may stalk them.

The Grant’s gazelle can weigh between 100 and 180 pounds while standing between 31 and 37 inches at the shoulder. They are found in Sudan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Kenya. They prefer to live on the open plains and avoid areas with thicker vegetation or taller grass. This helps them to avoid predators more easily with their sharp eyesight.

That habit of living in open areas means that the best way to hunt the Grant’s gazelle is by using the spot and stalk method. Dressing in traditional clothing worn by the Maasai livestock herders can help make for a closer shot on one of these antelope. However, long distance shots surpassing 400 yards are not uncommon so make sure to practice your shooting before pursuing one of these antelope.

The smallest legal caliber for shooting a Grant’s gazelle in Tanzania is 7mm. Any rifle in the range of .270-.300 calibers will be sufficient to ethically harvest one of these beautiful antelope.

Grant Gazelle hunting Tanzania
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