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Tanzania offers up more than 233,000 square km of reserves and of that, more than 110,000 square km is set aside for hunting purposes. Hunting enthusiasts from all over the world have already taken part in our safaris in some of the most fascinating regions in the country

Here’s what we offer

Selous Reserve

Situated in the south central part of the state. With its 54,000 square km, the Selous Reserve, other than being the biggest park in all Africa, is also the widest hunting allotment in the world. The territory is completely uninhabited and rich in biodiversity. One gets the feeling of turning back in time 200 years and seeing the continent black, with the eyes of the first pioneers.

There are more than 2,000 species of plant life present; thanks to this territory that hosts both plains and high, unexplored mountains, many rivers and abundant water.

The Selous Reserve is a true hunter’s paradise. According to the most recent data available, there are roughly 170,000 buffalo, 68,000 elephants, 24,000 lions, and abundant leopards. Many of our guests have already had occasion to successfully hunt these animals.  The reserve offers encounters with these beasts on a regular basis year round, but when the dry season comes, from September to December, the sightings really explode. It’s like nothing else.


Western Tanzania

Western Tanzania is characterized by the big felines that call it home.  It’s also well known for its buffalo and antelope population. It is made up of plains and rolling hills, contributing to a dynamic and unforgettable safari experience. We operate in three areas of this region: Katavi, Gombe and Rungwa.

The Katavi reserve shares 60 kg of boarder with the national park that shares its name and is host to excellent quality trophies: lions, leopards, roan antelope, buffalo and elephant.  The area that runs between Gombe park and Moyowasi is particularly appreciated by hunters world-wide for thanks to the plentiful buffalo, lion and sitatunga. Rungwa is now perhaps the best place to hunt Simba the lion: It shares a border for 22 km with Ruaha National Park and the density o animals is extremely high. Those with the good fortune of tracking some animals in this area can’t help but falling in love with it. Although the animals living here are abundant, the government issues very few hunting permits: Trophies are earned in size and number!

Southern Tanzania

This is probably the best area for those that want to hunt large elephant in a truly wild context. The hunt is often difficult, involving long walks, flying campsites-it is the height of sportsmanship and quite an emotional experience. The permitted hunting area is located between Ruvuma Mtwara and Lindi. This area serves as a sort of corridor for migrating elephants travelling from the Selous reserve towards the National Park of Niassa which runs along the Mozambique boarder. Note the presence of splendid lion, leopard, buffalo, crocodile, hippopotamus, Kudu, sable and many of the minor antelope species here as well.

Elephant Hunting
Gerenuk hunting


In Masailand, situated on the extreme northern part of Tanzania, the hunting areas are found at elevations that begin at 1500 meters and go until 2900 meters. The territory is characterized by the presence of large open spaces and acacia forests, where in the “Green Hills of Africa” so loved by Hemingway, you can find different species of antelope that are unique to this place: Lesser Kudu, Gerenuk giraffe antelope,   Grant Gazelle, Thompson Gazelle, Roberts Gazelle, Frigid Ear Oryx with ears, Patterson Eland, Chadler mountain reedbuck, etc. Obviously, there are also buffalo, lion, leopard, ostrich and many other minor species.  Although it is permitted to hunt antelope any time of the hunting season- which runs from July 1st to December 31st– those wishing to also hunt buffalo and lion would be well advised to come when water is plentiful at the start and end of hunting season.

Another distinguishing characteristic of this land is the presence of Masai warrior shepards. They are a wonderful ancient population with strong traditions they are very proud of.

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