Lesser kudu Hunting

Lesser kudu Hunting

The lesser kudu is an antelope that calls East Africa home. Very few hunter have harvested it , on thousands of  kudus killed in Africa , only few hunters had the fortune of harvest one  lesserkudu , the reason is the very limited area where this animal live .

Approximately half of the size of their greater kudu cousins, the lesser kudu is grayish-brown in color and has white stripes running vertically up and down its body. When a black stripe shows up along a lesser kudu’s back, you know you are looking at an older male.

The lesser kudu weighs between 120-200 pounds and stands between 38-41 inches tall at the shoulder. The male’s horns generally grow up to around 30 inches, but the current world record lesser kudu had horns measuring 36 inches in length!

Lesser kudu are very shy creatures, but they can also be curious as well. They have a high-level of awareness concerning their surroundings. One of the best methods for hunting the lesser kudu is to select a secluded spot on top of a hill and glassing the surrounding hillsides and open plains for a quality specimen.

The minimum rifle requirements for hunting this rare animal in Tanzania  is at least one chambered for 7mm. A rifle chambered in a .300 caliber will perform well and a .375 H&H is sometimes the best choice especially when the lesser kudu being targeted is hiding in thicker brush and vegetation. Shots can sometimes be fairly long but are usually from 250 yards and closer

lesser-kudu-hunting Tanzania
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