Roan antelope Hunting

Roan Antelope Hunting

The roan antelope is a large and majestic member of the antelope family. Full-grown males typically weigh around 575 pounds and have a unique reddish coloration. Hunting the roan antelope generally begins by leaving camp in the morning via hunting vehicle until sign of the animal, or the animals themselves, are spotted. The hunting vehicle is then left behind and the hunting party strikes out on foot until a shot presents itself.

The roan antelope prefers to live close to water and is usually found in lightly wooded areas and savannahs. One of the best calibers to hunt the roan antelope with is the .338. The minimum requirement is a 7mm rifle. Whichever caliber you choose to hunt the roan antelope with, just make sure it is fast and powerful.

The striking white and black mask that the roan antelope wears on its face makes for a very stunning trophy animal.

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