Rules for hunting in Tanzania

The Tanzanian government has imposed rigid laws to regulate hunting in its territory.  If it’s true that sustainable hunting undoubtedly helps the healthy proliferation of the species, the opposite also holds true that over hunting is damaging to the ecosystem as well as the people who live there. This is why there are quotas per species that are rigorously guarded. Here are some specific limitations: The specimen needs to be masculine and out of reproduction. Hunters can therefore shoot only at the animal they have a government permit to do so.

Before leaving for your safari in Tanzania, it’s best to prepare all of your documents. To participate in one of our hunting trips you will need to send us the following:

  1. 8 passport type photos
  2. Detailed personal information
  3. Documentation/permits for the arms you intend to use

You mustn’t forget to obtain a visa for your trip in Tanzania that is valid for at least 3 months. We strongly advise you to prepare all the necessary documentation in advance in order to fully enjoy your safari in the anticipated timeframes.

There is a 7 mm. caliber minimum for arms in Tanzania. The shotgun is one of the most used instruments for big game hunting. We recommend double checking the regulations for exceptions. The use of ring finger percussion cartridges less than .22 caliber are not allowed. Nor is it permitted to use pellet guns (with the exception of hunting birds), air compression guns or automatic weapons. In some cases, it is permitted to use a bow and arrow.

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