Sable Hunting

Sable Hunting

The sable antelope is one of the most sought after and desired trophies of all African plains game. They have a beautiful black coat with a white underbelly. The large curved horns boasted by the sable antelope only adds to the impressive nature of this trophy animal. Only full-grown sable attain the desired black coloration.

The sable, known for its fearless nature and intelligence, is a very satisfying creature to successfully hunt. Hunts are conducted via stalking on foot and then sneaking to within a desirable shooting position. Shots can extend to over 300 yards, but are usually around 100 yards. The minimum requirement for rifle caliber when hunting sable antelope in both Tanzania and Zimbabwe is 7mm.

Sable antelope are social creatures and gather in groups of up to 30 animals. Each group has a dominant male and that individual is usually the desired animal to shoot at on a sable hunt.

Leopardi_29 Tanzania
Leopard Bait Tanzania

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