Sitatunga Hunting

Sitatunga Hunting

The sitatunga is a swamp-dwelling, medium sized antelope. They have developed several specializations to make their semi-aquatic lifestyles easier. These include a unique hoof shape that allows them to spread their weight out evenly on soft surfaces like mud. They also have an oily coating that makes their coat waterproof.

The male sitatunga is the only one with horns and are also considerably larger than their female counterparts. Full-grown males can stand up to 41 inches tall at the shoulder and generally weigh between 150 and 280 pounds.

Hunting the sitatunga can be a real challenge as they inhabit difficult to penetrate terrain and are very elusive. A little patience and determination can go a long way towards having a successful sitatunga hunt. There are two methods used to target sitatunga. One is to climb into wooden tree stands that are situated above the ground and provide a wide view of likely sitatunga habitat. Very early morning and evening are the two best times to try this method. The second method is to use a boat to explore the marshes for sitatunga sign and then disembarking for a stalk.

Fast moving rifle calibers are the ideal choice for shooting a sitatunga at the typical ranges of between 100 and 300 yards. Consider a rifle chambered between a .240 caliber and a .300 caliber.

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